Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Graffiti Benediction

Queens-bound cyclists on the 59th Street Bridge bike path see this message as they reach the first tower of the span. It says "Welcome to Peace."

Even allowing for the haphazard nature of spray paint and the people who use it to share their thoughts, somebody went to some trouble to reach this fairly remote spot and put those words up. They even pimped them out by turning the "o" of "To" into a peace symbol.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Long Island City chamber of commerce. So who, and why here, and most of all what's it supposed to mean?

Were they saying Queens is more peaceful than Manhattan? Is the bridge more peaceful than either one? Or were they inviting us to give peace a chance, incorporate peaceful intentions in our own lives, open our hearts to inner peace?

Probably it's just another random act of petty vandalism. But defacing a public structure is a pretty aggressive act. In this case the conduct doesn't seem to match up with the content.

Hard to picture somebody lugging paint and a stepladder up a steel bridge path in the dark to do some mischief, then remembering that their mother always told them, "If you can't spray something nice, don't spray anything at all."

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