Friday, November 11, 2011

This Isn't My First Time

I published my first blog post yesterday on tumblr. But tumblr was weird, and I couldn't get it to send notices of my new posts to my facebook newsfeed. Also, the URL for my blog was unreachable by anybody without a tumblr account.

Trying to understand and fix these problems, I accidentally deleted my post, which I had worked very hard on. I felt despair and deleted my account. Before letting me go, tumblr offered me a link to tell them how I thought they had messed up. I hit the link and it took me to a page for creating a new account. Q-E-D.

I have a fairly low level of confidence that Google will be any better, but there seem to be plenty of free blog hosts, so I'll just keep trying them until I find one for which the design and instructions have not been written for people who already know how to do it.


  1. It's all over now. We've found you!

  2. Hi!!! I'm super excited about your blog, not sure how I missed that you hand one. Nevertheless I'm here now and I am going to catch up!!! :)